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The T&Cs

1 / Necessary but boring bits

We'd much prefer to just jump right into doing the fun stuff and not worry about the terms and conditions and such, but alas, here we are!

We'll try to keep it short for you =)

2 / Purchase of classes

2a. Classes are charged on a term by term basis, and only covers the current term the classes are open for.
2b. Classes are paid in full upfront, if you are experiencing any issues with this, please don't hestate to reach out.
2c. It is your responsibility to ensure you attend classes, however, if you are unwell, please consider your fellow thespians!

3 / There's probably more to consider...

3a. Divergent Studios will attempt to take all precautionary measures to ensure a safe environment for our classes, however, please ensure your own personal safety and the safety of others when in our shared space by not bringing any illegal items/substances or oher items that could cause harm to other participants.
3b. Photography and video imagry may be taken throughout the duration of the courses for training and promotional purposes, please advise us if this is an issue for you
3c. Most people don't read these things, so kudos!

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